LIVE WORK CREATE LIVE The sound studio in each apartment is
soundproofed from the living area,
so your roommate
can be sleeping soundly
while you jam to
your heart’s content.
WORK Melrose tenants are
exclusively musicians and music
industry professionals.
You can manage all aspects
of your musical life from your
sound studio/apartment.
CREATE Living and working
in the same space helps your
creativity soar.
Capture every inspiration—
right when it happens.
You'll never need to drive
to your rehearsal studio again.

Spaces for musicians, noise friendly 24/7

“To be able to live and create in my own enviornment is priceless!”
~Jeff, a Melrose tenant

“We have the opportunity to go on a 70 day tour across the continental USA… this opportunity is likely in large part to the many connections we have made during our recording, practice, and jam sessions here.
~Jacob, a Melrose tenant